Our dream home

19 Nov

Creating this house truck was like creating our ultimate dream home, all the ideas we have seen and come up with over the years we put into this magnificent space. We have had many questions asking “If this was our dream home why are you selling it?!” We originally bought the house removal truck mid-2016 to cut costs in storage fees. Travelling around in the bus we had met a lot of people living in house trucks and thought one day it would be awesome to build one of our own. Creating a home with all the different space saving ideas we had come up with… from a clothes line on the ceiling to slide outs with a couch, booth table and seating. We had learnt a lot about living in small spaces so much, that this was like creating the ultimate dream home. In Dec 2017 we packed up and left the boat on our mooring in Tauranga and headed down to Christchurch, we were lucky enough to be able to stay with my parents while we built the house truck. It took us five months to complete working most days on it. We built this truck with all the fail safes we could think of, so any one could live in it and not knowing a thing about living off solar. Also, we wanted it to be as self-sufficient as possible, catching rain water is always a bonus if you want to stay longer somewhere. Once we had completed the truck, we moved in and went to a few of our favourite places on the west coast in the South Island, it is amazing how much the places had changed and yet not changed at all. Back to the question “why are you selling the truck?”, Craig and I have been talking lots about travelling Australia but to do that we would have to sell our big items plus all the small things we will not need … we are ready for a new adventure!

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