Off-grid on water

02 Sep

Craig was talking more and more about living on a boat! When we first started looking into buying the bus, we also considered purchasing a boat and the plan was we would buy a boat when the time was right… Here we were, the land had sold and we were packing up the last of our stuff, celebrating the New Year. I was super tired from all the brain drain and packing so I went to bed earlier than the others celebrating the New Year. As I was lying there, I was thinking about Craig talking about boats and how he would love to see New Zealand from the water! I thought to myself life is for living, give it a go. An hour had passed and I could hear Craig coming up the stairs trying to be quiet and not really succeeding. As he got into bed we started chatting about the day and I bought up the conversation about living on a boat, he went very quiet and was listening to my every word… I paused and said “OK, I will live on a boat”. He replied with “Waaahhhoooo!!!” quickly following with “Soo... I did hear you right aye? You want to live on a boat?”. Smiling I said “Yes you heard me right” … “Waaahhhoooo!!!!” Craig screamed! And so, we were now buying a boat, with no idea of what or where from. It was the 1st of January, we had started to look on Trade Me for boats, this is where the old ferry jumped out at us and six days later, we owned her. We could not have predicted the work ahead, it was definitely was the hardest build we have done. The end result was the vision we had seen when we bought her, all our hard work had paid off.

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