Moving to Australia?

20 Nov

2018 marks 11 years of travelling New Zealand and what an amazing adventure it has been! We are both pretty excited for what the future holds for us, we have a rough plan to head to Australia. Our plan is to sell every thing we own big and small, only holding on to personal items. In January 2019 the Truck will be back on the market on Trade Me, we will have a link for patrons to check it out and you will get to see the episode about the truck first. Once the truck has sold, we want to move off the boat re-antifoul her, fibre glass the decks and put her back on the market. We also will be filming while we do the work. Once everything has sold, we then can see what our hearts say, some ideas we have is to fly over to Australia rent a van travel up the east coast to Whitsundays and hire a yacht, these are just ideas at this point until we have sold up. All we know, about what the future holds is Bella will always be travelling with us and that we will be living off solar. I love the feeling of the unknown, life is an adventure to be lived!

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