Living with solar power

19 Nov

There is something special about creating your own power to run the appliances in your own home. It became a natural part of our daily routine and having no power bill is a bonus. We have learnt a lot about appliances in small homes over the years, I will tell you a bit about them and will tell you what we recommend. 

*In the bus we had a 12volt compressor fridge, this was flash in its day 2007. We didn’t really like it, as the fridge had a drip tray which when we drove made water go every where and the freeze didn’t freeze stuff like bread and ice cream. How ever we did have a front loader washing machine, which we loved! It washed and dried our clothes, probably wasn’t the most power saving machine. 

*In the boat we have a dish drawer, FL washing machine, normal house fridge and filtered boiling hot and chilled cold-water tap. Plus, other appliances like the water maker which creates fresh water from sea water. 

*In the truck we have a normal house fridge and FL washing machine both the most power efficient we could find. Right so living on solar does not mean you have to buy anything different from what you would usually see in a house, it all comes down to how many batteries you have and the charging of them via solar panels. 

We both recommend finding the most power efficient appliances you can especially your fridge because of the fact it is running 24/7. Front loader washing machines in our opinion not only wash clothes better but they also save on water and space. We love living with solar power so much that if we ever decide to settle and build a house it will also be solar off-grid power.

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