Life right now 2020

20 Nov

If you have read the old blogs I kept, re-shared here and now..  you would have read us wanting a new adventure over in Australia and selling everything we owned. This feels like a life time ago and we are all in a different looking world now, the same yet not..

Ali, Craig and Bella

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Moving off the boat - March 2019

We saw in 2019 from the water in the Bay of Islands, living on the boat and spending a couple months just enjoying the boat and each others company. We knew at the end of summer the boat will need to be hauled out and we will have work to do on her. Was the end of February, we had an idea to move into the truck, making it easier to work on the boat. Finding a part time job in Russell working for the Top10 campground... life became busy again. Moving to Australia had moved to the back of our minds. 

Fast forward to the world shutting down

In the process of writing about our year and what a year it has been!

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