Income while travelling

22 Jul

Calling a bus home, we needed less income than we were used to and that thought excited us! We created a business that we could travel with, well that wasn't the plan to start with... When we first moved into the bus, we were living off savings and money from big items we had sold, we knew we wouldn’t need much and thought we would figure it out as we went. After travelling for over a year we had done markets creating handmade items and odd seasonal jobs to help with weekly living, plus it was a great way to meet locals in the different areas we were staying in. Looking for a better income to top up our savings we found ourselves in Greymouth looking for jobs, Craig had been self-employed most of his working life and it got us thinking should we create a business together. Craig had a small cabin business when we first met and we had sold the rental side of it. We decided to head back up to Tauranga to be around family and Craig’s first grandchild, Tauranga is where we started building cabins. A transportable building on wheels great for farmers and people who couldn’t afford to buy a house, we started with renting a shed to build from and transport to our clients. After 10 months of building from the shed, one of our new clients had asked how much it would cost to transport a cabin down to the South Island, this excited as! We had been missing the South Island and could not wait to return! This got us thinking, to save our clients the cost of transport why could we not just build onsite? It would also save us the costs of all the over heads, power bill, lease of the shed and yard. We already lived in a mobile home, could we fit all our tools in? In October 2010 we were on the Blue Bridge ferry crossing to the South Island for a new adventure, a working travelling lifestyle.

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