Hindsight is a beautiful thang

21 Nov

Looking back Craig and I have a few decisions we would have changed, things we would have done different and a few ideas for sure we would change, all I can say is we have learnt a heck of a lot. Dream big and jump in for the ride! By dreaming you have started your self on a journey for amazing opportunities for doors to open for you. Follow your heart, your intuition this will guide you to places you could only dream of! These dreamt up ideas in my experience look so different in reality and the way there is never clear, that’s where trust comes in trust in your self to get to where you have dreamt you could be. 

A couple things we have learnt in hindsight...

1) if we had land again, we would like to buy with others so we could have turns at leaving and every caring for the land. 

2) Buying a boat, hire different ones first and buy one that you can move straight onto. 

Hindsight is a magic thang really, looking back on these 11 years so far with Craig and all we have done... maan! It makes me feel so many different feelings! Tired is one for sure ahaahaa! Most of all proud, proud that we did this together! 

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