Growing roots

19 Aug

We were getting tired of having no privacy, working onsite was taking a toll on our free time and space. We felt like we needed to be in one place for a while… The idea of having somewhere to go away from clients and public for a break, was sounding like it could give us some relief. When building the cabins, we would park the bus onsite and build… always working and living in someone else’s space. The first year was amazing we both really enjoyed it, after this time we got well known and it was easy for us to be booked up for two years… this left no time for ourselves. Between travelling and working we were getting drained mentally and physically always organising and creating for others. We started to look into property, the idea was we had somewhere to go to breathe and relax. At the end of 2011 we bought a tranquil setting inland of Oamaru. Growing our own food and having animals sounded like a dream!! The place came with a pop-up trailer camper, an old tractor and an orchard of fruit trees. We spent a few months in between working, tiding it up and creating homes for animals we were going to get. The place was all off grid and starting to feel homely. I had created an amazing garden, growing all our favourite veg and berries galore! We were basically self-sufficient and loving our privacy. Approaching summer, the cabins always picked up and we soon would be booking in clients, off we went again travelling and working, meeting new interesting clients. The first few jobs we felt refreshed and renewed by the time we had completed all our cabins, we were ready for our own space again. That feeling of heading home excited us and made us feel happy! When we arrived home the grass was so high it looked like a forest, most the veggies had gone to seed and there was fruit everywhere! You could imagine we were happy to be back but then we had the task of more labor coming home; weeding, lawns, pruning etc. After doing this several times it was getting old, we were creating more work for ourselves all for a bit of peace. As much as we loved this peace of paradise, we loved travelling more! From here we decided to put it on the market and see what happens… we got many responds very quickly and sold before the new year of 2014.

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