Transitioning - My Story

Listening to my body I started to be repealed by the thought of eating the flesh of chicken, a bird! Taking a life to feed my taste buds? and worst paying other humans to take the life of a living creature for my taste buds..

I started looking into what animals go through just so we can eat them, its pretty messed up if you ask me! If you cant watch it why would you want to be part of why it happens in the first place. This is why its hidden from us through happy animal marketing.

Next i looked into why we need to eat animals, turns out we do not! The only thing we are lacking these days, that we natural got from root grown vegetables is B12. There are plenty of ways to get B12 in your diet this day of age, take a tablet or use B12 spray or eat alternative meat products with B12 in them. Its that easy!

Eating a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, grains and legumes you can lead a very healthy, energy fulled life! We all like to treat our selves now and again there are plenty of options in New Zealand super markets these days. I will share as much as i know with you!

Finally i looked into the environment impact! Basically by eating animals you are killing the one planet you call home. I will put links up to the information i found and people who inspired me, to live a life more aware of the effects our eating choices have on not only our health but the planet and the sentient beings on it!