How many of your Toiletries are plastic? Will they still be around well after you have gone!

We can change this! Click the following to make a change! Once you need to replace an item come here click what you need and buy! Make a change, be the change! Spread the word!

Toothbrush - Reusable Packaging

Toothpaste - NO Plastic 

Deodorant - Glass Jar

Menstrual cup - NO More Tampons

Midi briefs ~ Period Briefs

Bikini briefs ~ Period Briefs

Full Briefs ~ Period Briefs

Shampoo - NO Plastic Bottle

Conditioner - NO Plastic Bottle

Face Cleanse - NO Plastic Bottle 

Face Scrub - NO Plastic Bottle

Face Moisture - NO Plastic Bottle

Body Wash - NO Plastic Bottle