All the toiletries! plus more!

How many of your Toiletries are plastic? Will they still be around well after you have gone!

We can change this! Click the following to make a change! Once you need to replace an item come here click what you need and buy! Make a change, be the change! Spread the word!

Toothbrush - Reusable Packaging

Toothpaste - NO Plastic 

Deodorant - Glass Jar

Menstrual cup - NO More Tampons

Midi briefs ~ Period Briefs

Bikini briefs ~ Period Briefs

Full Briefs ~ Period Briefs

Shampoo - NO Plastic Bottle

Conditioner - NO Plastic Bottle

Face Cleanse - NO Plastic Bottle 

Face Scrub - NO Plastic Bottle

Face Moisture - NO Plastic Bottle

Body Wash - NO Plastic Bottle