13. Last days of 2018

05 Feb

It was New Year’s Eve, eve and we were heading into Paihia to pick up a couple of mates plus top up on the fresh fruit and produce.

Heading over in the dingy the wind had picked up and the wakes from other boats was going to make this short dingy trip an interesting one, with the land lovers and all their gear, having friends come to stay it is always interesting to see what they bring aboard. In summer, especially around the new year it is always a busy time around the Bay of Islands, the ferry’s running all day from Paihia to Russel and the recreational boats, made the jetty’s very busy. This is why we thought picking up our visitors via the dingy would make it a bit more relaxed and fun way to start their four-day boating adventure. Once we had stocked up our supplies and the car now parked in a safe place, we all processed to load the dingy with all the gear. Life Jackets on, all aboard! Let’s go! We headed towards the mothership, there were a couple of gnarly wakes from other boats we managed to roll over them with nervous giggles from our friends. We made it to the mothership where Bella was waiting, very excited to see we had returned with a couple new humans to pet her!

We were now underway heading for Urupukapuka Bay, the wind and swell had picked up and it was going to be a bit of a choppy ride, I personal love it on the bow riding the swell when it’s like this! After giving a safety briefing to our friends, showing them where they will be sleeping and where to put their stuff. It was time to relax into their holiday and enjoy the ride, it was an hour cruise to the Bay. I lead them to the wheelhouse and the bow, showing them where my favourite spot is to stand and look out for dolphins. We were in luck Craig spotted the dolphins first and pointed them out, it wasn’t long before the dolphins had come for us, swimming and playing either side of the bow! The joy dolphins bring to people’s faces is incredible, such a special sight to show our friends within the first hour of being in the Bay of Islands.

Coming into the bay it was calm sheltered out of the wind and swell, lots of yachts and launches anchored up ready for seeing in the new year. We managed to find a nice spot to anchor swimming distance to shore, the water was so clear you could see the sand and sea life under us. A great place for swimming, snorkeling and lazing around on the inflatables. Hunger setting in we all created a delicious dinner and sat outside to eat, it was a lovely evening. Later on, watching the stars and having a few conversations about the constellations, it was a stunning night the sky was lit up with a blanket of stars.  

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