12. Life on anchor

29 Jan

Anchored in Urupukapuka Bay, Alice’s friend aboard a yacht, asked if we had seen the Orcas. Two days in a row, we had missed out on the orcas that had been cruising around in Urupukapuka Island.  Meanwhile we had been lazing around on board, catching up on our sleep after two long hauls. It was nearly Christmas and the bays, were filling up with yachts and launches. Families ashore Urupukapuka Island were setting up tents, summer was truly upon us! Feeling recharged after a good rest, we decided to get the inflatables out for a float around in the warmth of the sun. There is something special about being able to jump off the back of your home and swim any time you want!

We woke to find the water was like glass, peaceful and so still. I love mornings like these, sipping my tea listening to the birds wake up, watching them fly just centimetres above the water. Once the sun is up, the heat begins and the thought of swimming is on everyone’s minds. A few people were paddle boarding around the bay, it is very relaxing watching them. The buzz of people talking was echoing on the water, Craig was busy fixing the winch for the crane that pulls our dingy up on the top deck. I had just finished writing blogs about our past and how we got to where we are now. What a buzz looking back! Time goes so fast yet so slow at the same time, we try be aware of every day trusting our intuition to guide us, this is how we have achieved what we have so far and a lot of hard work of course. Trusting in our selves and each other, we can achieve anything our hearts desires.   

The next morning, we helped Alice move her boat up Kerikeri river for Christmas. Once tied up on the pole mooring Craig and I went and anchored in a bay near Paihia a place we could make water and chill out together before the new year party. We took Bella ashore for morning runs she loves the beach, sticks are her favourite! A couple days later I woke to find little black skin like things all over her face!! I yelled out to Craig “There is something wrong with Bella!” We both started to google. “Ticks!” they were ticks!! Poor little thing… fourteen I counted all over her tiny face, what a way to start the day! We managed to get them all off, after a few attempts. No more beach time for Bella! Until we get tick treatment for her! We got told after, that Northland is well known for ticks in summer, ticks waiting in the long grass for their next victim. We spent the next couple of days editing videos, writing blogs, swimming and making water topping up for our friends who we were picking up for the new year party.

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