11. Wake up and go!

22 Jan

We woke in Tryphena to find the water was like glass, the sun was coming up and birds were singing, it was a magic morning… 

It was not long before the heat of the sun was hitting the deck and our skin, I giggled to Craig “you keen for a swim? Let’s swim over to Alice’s boat and wake her up by banging on the hull”. We both jumped in and swam over to Alice’s and woke her up, after a bit of convincing that the water was warm, she too jumped in. Bella also came in for a bit of a swim, such a refreshing way to start a day! We had all decided to move around to Port Fitzroy and stay another night, from there we would leave at 2am to get to the Bay of Islands by 2pm to beat the wind, another long haul.   

At 2am the next morning, once aboard Taurima, Alice and I pulled up anchor and started to make our way out of Port Fitzroy. We were now past the entrance and I made us a cuppa, the kettle had boiled, tea bags in, water poured and I was happy to make us our first brew for the journey. “Tea is ready” I said as I passed the cups up to Alice. Now up on the fly bridge and seated, Alice had her first sip and replied grumpily “yuck… what tea is this?’ Alice is not a morning person and loves her green tea to get her going, but I put in the wrong tea bag. Oh dear… we sat in silence for a while and as I took my last sip of tea I said “Would you like a green tea?” she replied quietly “Yip”. Below I went again, and returned with a new tea and a happier Alice! 

It was dark, our senses were heightened. An hour into the journey doubts started to fill Alices mind, “why are we doing this? We could have left in daylight, I don’t feel safe.” It is a natural thing for your mind to play tricks, we had to trust in ourselves that our plan was solid. We had all checked the weather, swell, wind - it was telling us to go. I had done a night run of three hours before but it’s always a bit different being aboard someone else’s boat. Trusting in the boat, yourself and to keep calm is key. Alice was very quiet, it was her first night trip on her boat. I kept reassuring her that the swell was fine, it just feels bigger because we could not see which direction it was coming from. Also, we had three hours till the sun would start coming up, we would be fine. Shaking off fears as they rolled in, I continued to relax into the night. The lights on Searenity sparkled on the ocean ahead, guiding us to a safe passage. It was very quiet apart from the hum of the motor and the sound of us moving through the water. 

At 4am, feeling in tune with my intuition and senses I felt like I was the boat, feeling all the movements and sounds, I was loving it!! Then we heard a different noise and looked portside, there was a huge glowing torpedo coming towards us, it gave an airy feeling, all of a sudden… “sea monsters!” Alice said. It went quiet again then splashes came from the bow of the boat, there were dolphins shimmering in the phosphorescence! What an amazing sight! One that will stick with me for life, I have no words that could describe the feelings and sight we saw! *Phosphorescence is usually caused by algae suspended in the water. Much like fireflies flitting through the air, the algae emit a glow whenever they are jostled. 

It was starting to feel cold and damp from the morning air as it was nearing 5am and we were starting to see the shadows on the water, it looked like a soft blue silk floating with the movements of the ocean. It was looking to be the best day we could have chosen. Feeling tired and reassured by the sight of day break Alice went below for a sleep. The sunrise was magic to see after travelling in the dark for those few long hours, I was loving the feel of being free out here surrounded by nothing but water. I enjoyed a pear for my breakfast, thinking to myself how amazing this journey had been. We had just passed the Poor Knights and Alice was now awake, happily eating her marmite on toast. The sun was now high and at 1pm we were approaching Cape Brett where the swell was getting bigger. Taurima being a displacement hull, has a v-shaped hull with chines and is limited to slower speeds so, you feel the swell more. Going with the swell or taking it head on is the way you can get a more comfortable ride, I was teaching Alice to ride the swell like surfing in a boat. Once past Cape Brett we were on the final leg of our journey, we all were over tired and ready for a beer and a swim!

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