10. Leaving Tauranga!

15 Jan

Summer is here!! Finally, the countdown has begun!! Excitement faces are on! We are waiting on the right wind then we are off...

A weather gap was coming up, we had a three-day weather window where the wind and swell were perfect! Our friend Alice who also lives on a boat, had the idea also to head north for summer and wanted someone else with her as it was her first long voyage. We all were excited to go in convoy!! The night before we were to head off, there was an epic lightning storm! Such a beautiful thing, lighting up the sky like natures fireworks. We woke early the next morning to find a magic day waiting for us, excited and not yet awake Craig dropped me off to Alice’s boat and towed her dingy back. Once aboard Alice’s boat Taurima, a beautiful wooden hull built in the 60s, it was cuppa tea time and ready our selves for a long journey. Our goal was to leave Tauranga harbour at 7am and reach the Mercury Islands, or all going well, Great Barrier island.

Craig was ahead of us, setting the pace and keeping in radio contact making sure that Taurima’s motor was sweet travelling at the pace we were going. It was a hot summers day, spirits were high, Alice and I were excited for the adventure ahead of us. Two chicks on a boat heading for the deep blue! A couple hours into our trip we saw a pod of common dolphins and later bottlenose dolphins both Alice and I were squealing with excitement, soo excited, I mixed up my words, I was pointing and yelling “Whales! Whales!... Dolphins! ...I mean Dolphins!!”. Such beautiful creatures diving and splashing along side us and playing in our wake behind us. We could not have picked a better day, sun was high, water was flat and there was not a breath of wind. Alice is a marine field technician with a lot of knowledge of the ocean and all the animals that live in and around sea. It was a very educational trip to say the least, she taught me the difference between the dolphins and the name of my favourite bird, which is a shearwater, tiredness must of set in because I kept on pointing with excitement and calling them shearseas ahaahaa! It was cuppa tea time again and we both were taking in the beauty of the day when there was a splash and a big white something right next to the boat… “What was that!” we both yelled. We looked behind us and a sunfish jumped out of the water! Wow what a sight!! And again! What a funny looking creature! Later on, I saw another sunfish, a baby one swimming right beside us - such a weird little thing. While Bella was sleeping, we were all keeping in contact via channel 6 and Alice thought it would be fun to have nicknames, I know Craig loves “Captain Caveman!” a late 70s to 80s cartoon. We were on the radio discussing how we all were feeling and if we should continue all the way to Great Barrier and then end of the conversation, Alice say “Roger that Captain Cavemaaaan!” to which Craig did not answer ahaahaa! He was too tired to play our silly games by this point, of course we found it funny and were giggling. Travelling for 10 hours the excitement had worn off, with two more hours before we arrived at Tryphena – Great Barrier Island. We decided to zone out and put some sounds on to get us through the final leg of this journey, this is when auto pilot comes in handy, us chicks could take turns at steering while Craig had been steering the whole way. On arriving at Tryphena we could see Craig had anchored up in a beautiful bay, he was in Alice’s dingy rowing?! “What is going on?” I said in confusion… Alice replied with “My dingy has no gas in it… I didn’t fill it up...” He couldn’t be bothered winching our dingy down so just used Alice’s. Lots of high fiving, super stoked we all had completed our first long haul convoy! Once anchored up we all sat down with a beer, talking about the days events and watched the most beautiful sunset.

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