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no power bill since 2007

About US

Hey nice to see you here! 
we are Craig and Alison a couple of kiwis who have lived a solar life since 2007. 
deciding to break free of the system life, instead to live by the rhythm of our own beat.. our hearts! 
following our intuition, is what lead us to buying a bedford bus in '07
which gave us the freedom to travel our home country, New Zealand
the income we make along the way, we do what feels right in each moment
living this way we have little out goings,
which gives us more time and freedom to follow our passions.

Creating this life with less demand
more freedom to follow our intuition is our passion
inspiring all you good people is what drives us on a daily! 
Sharing the way we create this alternative way of living
and creating a community, where we can teach each other 
skills and knowledge is our goal. 
If our message resonates with you
we would love to connect!
Much Love Ali and Craig X

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Life goals and where to from here..

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2018 marks 11 years of travelling New Zealand..

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There is something special about creating your own power..

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Creating this house truck was like creating our ultimate dream home..

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Living on land off-grid was one thing but on the sea..

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We were getting tired of having no privacy..

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