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no power bill since 2007

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The call of living by the rhythm of our own beat
is what lead us to buying a bedford bus in 2007
Giving us the freedom to travel our home country, New Zealand.
That is where our adventure started!

Following our intuition
we created this life
with less demand and more freedom 
Now sharing our story, this journey
to encourage and inspire
all you good people 
this is what drives us on a daily! 

A future creation, a community
of like minded people
where we can teach each other 
skills and share knowledge is our dream!
If our message resonates with you
we would love to connect!
Much Love Ali and Craig X

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Intuitive Creations

Forest of Bohemia - browns bay

I created a few beautiful wire and macramé pieces for the girls at the Bohemia. Very relaxing shop, where they also have lots of wonderful workshops and gatherings.

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South Sea Art - Russell

I have a few wire & macramé necklaces available in Russell, Check out Janet's shop and say hello from me.

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Graceful and Intricate

Very pleased to meet the lovely lady that fell in love with the colours and style of this piece

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Creation for a beautiful soul

I had the honor in creating this piece for a delightful Finland lady

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